Elder Assist Program
The growing demand of life has left many of our elders fending for themselves due to various issues. Elder Assist Service program specifically has been designed so that your loved elders are able to live life with ease during their twilight years. Our services include:
Phone Contact Program
In this program our Health + Trust executive will call your elders and :
  • - Enquire about health, food, medicine, etc
  • - Take appointment with Tailor, Dentist, Doctors, etc
  • - Take down instruction for Health +Trust Manager
In-Person Visit Program
In this program our Health + Trust Manager will visit your elders as per your instruction for one day. On this day our Health + Trust Manager will assist the elders in following activities:
  • - Taking elders to hospitals for routine check-up
  • - Helping in purchase of groceries, medicines, other household items
  • - Fixing issues like, internet, phone , light, water , plumber, etc with help of experts.
  • - Help in payments of bills - Read out , writing, or typing help
  • - Any other help which are ethical ,critical ,and requested by you.
  • Please note that the actual expense occurred in above activities must to be paid out by elders or the elder’s sponsor. Health + Trust Manager is only assisting the elders in their need.
Emergency Call Program
In this program our designated Health + Trust Manager can be called upon by elders or sponsors for any emergency situations. In this case the Health + Trust Manager will use his / Her judgment to safeguard the live of elders as first priority. In this services available are :
  • - Hospitalization; Ambulance + Admission + 48 hours stand by
  • - Visit by Doctors to the residence
  • - Invitation to Police or Fire services.
  • Please note that the actual expenses occurred must be paid by sponsors or elders. Health + Trust Manager is only assisting elders in their emergency situation and will be charged for the hourly basis.
ElderAssit Availing Process
  • Registration by Sponsor
  •  Payment Received by Health + Trust
  •  Appointment of Health + Trust Executive and Manager
  •  Member ID issued to Elders and communicated to Sponsor and Elder
  •  Start Date is fixed and Assistance Program starts.