Nurse Home Program
Health+Trust provides trained Nurse Staff for patients who are looking for this service at their home itself. It has been observed that hiring a nurse may result in the quicker healing of the patients. These can be attributed to:
  • - Familiar homely environment eases the patients faster emotionally
  • - Logistic efficiency for diet quality due to family supervision in the kitchen
  • - Ease of managing the visitors
  • - Avoidance of the hospital’s ambience as patients in not in vicinity of other patients
In addition to above, the rising cost of hospital stay can be a huge financial burden. Fortunately our Nurse@Home service can help you to get recover at home without sacrificing on the medical attention duly needed. Our services include:
Two Week Program
In this you can engage our service for two weeks only. This can be availed for 8/12 hours per day . This program is beneficial for reasons:
  • - Patients needs a constant attention to make sure that transition from hospital to home is smooth
  • - Patient is just looking for short duration assistance
Monthly Program
In this program Nurse will visit your house for a monthly basis . This can be availed for 8 hours or 12 hours period.
Long – Term Residential Program
In this program a Nurse will stay at patients house for 6 months or more for 24 hours a day. This is recommended for various reasons which may include:
  • - Seriousness of the case and patients needs 24 hour attention
  • - Non availability of the family members in that duration to take care of the patients
  • - Patients and family members not staying together
It is to be noted that service seeker will have to provide separate room, toilet, food, etc to the nurse.

Please note that there may be other expense in the process for healing such as consumable for changing the bandage, etc. which needs to be paid as per the actual.