Health + Trusts Basic Principles

  • Experienced Caregivers
  • Safe and Secure Way of Service
  • Flexible Service Option

Health + Trusts Differentiators

  • Professional Management
  • Use of Technology to Keep All
    Stakeholder Involved
  • Medical and Non - Medical Service
Health + Trust is Planning to Launch the Emergency Service Helpline !!!

Key Services offered by Health + Trust

Wisdom Park

We provides a unique day care facility called as Wisdom Park.

We are trying hard to make it a good reason for the senior citizen to step out.

We provides following infrastructure:

• Internet Facility
• Meditation/Yoga
• Games like Chess, Bridge, etc
• First Aid facility

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Elder Assist Program

This includes Medical and Non - Medical Services:

• Phone Call Service: To check the status of Health and well being
• In - Person Visit Service: To assist in day to day activities
• Emergecy Service: To support during emergency situations

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Nurse Home Program

This includes flexible options to suit your unique requirement:

• Daily Visit Program: One or twice a day and full day option
• Two Week Program: Short Term Full day option
• Long-Term Residential Program: 24 Hour Nursing Support

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Meet Doctor Program

We bring to you options of meeting the qualified Doctors in your city:

• Doctor's Place Appointment Program
• Patient's Place Appointment Program
• Online Appointment Program

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Retirement Planning Service

Retirement should be considered as natural as any other milestone in one's


Most important part of Retirement is the being ready or it. Fortunately Retirement Planning is simple and logical process basis the lifestyle one wishes to pursue.

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Senior Citizen Career Service

Many a senior citizen are force to retire due to the employement agreements.

However they are mentally and physically fit to prolong their working life for few more years. In some of the cases people want to take a transitional step from active professional life...

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Emergency Service

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Delhi Police Senior Citizen Cell

Toll Free : 1291 or 100

Note: User are requested to send relevant help information for Senior Citizen to us so that we can make it more useful for Senior Citizens

Emergency Service Providers

across India are invited to