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Description : First Aid Box is essential for Home or Offices.
HEALTH+TRUST Brings you the First Aid Box on the basis of experience of developing several customized First Aid Boxes for customers.
Most important point is practical use is the key for making First Aid Box valuable.

Review the items and let us know if there is anything your require frequently and we are still missing it.

This Box Contains:

1 Band-Aid to cover wound
2 Disprine - Headache
3 D'Cold
4 Brufine - Pain Killer
5 Fast Relief
6 Crocine Adv - Cold+Fever
7 NorfloxTz- Loose Motion
8 Bandage Roll- White Patti
9 Ketorol- DP - Toothache
10 Meftal- Spas- Stomach Ache
11 Soframycin- Burn / Cut
12 Domstal - Vomitting
13 Cetcip - Anti Allergic
14 Doctor's Tape
15 First Aid Box - Plastic

You can order us via email or simply call us at +91 - 846 - 8888-324. Let us know your delivery address and contact person. We will be happy to deliver.

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